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Zen is a blossoming of your potential. And everybody has a different potential, so when you blossom as a Zen man you have a unique individuality. You don’t fit with any category – and not only Christian categories. ” But I have to say to you, it does not fit any category at all, yours or ours or anybody else’s. It is beyond the mind. All categories belong to the mind. This is the only rebellion against mind: going beyond it. This is the only revolution against the self: going into no-self, into anatta.

Aristotle’s logic is simply two steps: yes-no, day-night, positive-negative. Just two polarities have been taken into account. But what about the middle ground? There are many positions between two extremes – at least there is a middle. And when there is a middle, again there is another middle – on this side, on that side. As you go on creating middles... The Zen Manifesto: Freedom From Oneself 48 Osho CHAPTER 2. LET THE CHRISTIAN SHIP DROWN You see within these five fingers, one space, a second space, a third space, a fourth space – so there are nine points.

Because the window was broken, and this was a good shelter for cockroaches. After seven years of continuous suffering with cockroaches... ” And the people who brought the new mattress pulled out the old one and cleaned the cell, but the new mattress was bigger than the cell. They somehow forced it, and because they were forcing it, the glass of the window broke. Now again begins the same story.... Fourteen years have passed – again he is back to zero. The first day he entered, this was the situation.

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