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By Jean Paul Sartre

The Condemned of Altona is a reminder that ethical difficulties are actual, irreducible and very important even if they're insoluble. it truly is, consequently, an occasion of quality value. it's the paintings of 1 who's either an ethical thinker and a dramatist, of a author who can current philosophical questions within the flesh and bones of concrete human situations.” ―Heinz Lubasz, The New Leader

The Condemned of Altona is an act of judgment at the 20th century, which would were an admirable period (the last traces let us know) if guy had now not been threatened via ‘the merciless enemy who had sworn to damage him, that hairless, evil, flesh-eating beast―man himself. ‘All the characters within the play are defendants, trapped contained in the body of the proscenium as securely as Eichmann inside of his glass cage in Jerusalem; their pass judgement on is the prior, and its verdict is with no mercy. demise consequences are imposed, and one sentence of solitary confinement for all times. The degree, as so frequently in M. Sartre’s palms, turns into a spot of ethical inquisition, immediately a court docket and a jail.

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Go on with you! ) You do not love your neighbor, Franz, or you would not dare to despise these prisoners. FRANZ (hurt): I do not despise them. FATHER: YOU do despise them. Because they are dirty, and because they are afraid. ) He still believed in human dignity. FATHER: JOHANNA: Was he wrong? I don't know anything about that. All I can tell you is that the Gerlachs are victims of Luther. That prophet filled us with an insane pride. ) Franz used to walk across the hills arguing with himself, and once his conscience said yes, you could have cut him into little pieces and you wouldn't have made him change his mind.

Either condemn them en bloc or force them to repudiate the leaders they adopted. The second is the worse. FATHER: I repudiate no one, and the Nazis are not my leaders. I had to put up with them. FRANZ: YOU supported them. FATHER: What the devil did you expect me to do? FRANZ: Nothing. As for Goering, I am his victim. Take a walk around our yards. A dozen air raids—not a shed standing. That's how he protected them. FRANZ (brutally): I am Goering. If they hang him, they hang me. FATHER: YOU loathed Goering!

As for Franz, I don't know whether I'd still recognize him, but I'm sure he's like anyone else. ) What does he have that I haven't? ) He's not even handsome. LENI (ironic): No! Not even! WERNER (still fascinated, weakening already): And what if I had been born to serve him? There are slaves who revolt. My brother will not be my destiny. LENI: D O you prefer that your wife should be? JOHANNA: Do you consider me one of the strong? LENI: Yes. JOHANNA: What a strange idea! Why? LENI: YOU were an actress, weren't you?

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