Catherine Coulter's Point Blank PDF

By Catherine Coulter

ISBN-10: 0786580445

ISBN-13: 9780786580446

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Dykes nodded. ” Dane said, “You realize now that they either cut through that thin back bathroom wall or they went out the back window and were gone by the time we walked into your office. They meant to kill as many of us as they could. The bomb was powerful enough. Do you have a family, Mr. ” “No, Joyce left me two years past for a trucker whose eighteen-wheeler smoked up every state he traveled through. ” Dane accepted a pair of handcuffs from one of Police Chief Tumi’s deputies, clicked them around Dykes ’s bony wrists, and handed him over to a deputy, who stared at Dykes like he couldn’t believe what he’d done.

Savich said, “I wonder why Arlington National Cemetery? ” “Rolly didn’t know, said that’s all the old man said. It sounds like Rolly is having us on, Dillon. It makes me itchy. ” She paused for a moment, looked up at the last room on the second floor. The light still burned. ” Dane whispered to her, “At least we can hear whatever they say. ” “She gave them all cell phones, told me it paid off big time in the Jefferson case to have her snitch get to her right away, not in an hour or twenty-four.

She tried to concentrate. She was in a cave chamber, nothing more, nothing less. She had to be near the opposite wall, had to be. —and it led… She heard something. Ruth froze. From the moment she’d finessed the pathetic lock and begun her trek into the cave, there’d been only the noise made by bats and the sound of her own voice, of her own breathing. But now she held her breath. Her mouth was suddenly as dry as the sandy floor beneath her boots. She strained to listen. There was only silence, as absolute as the blackness.

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