Fusion of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Sets, and Genetic by Lakhmi C. Jain, N.M. Martin PDF

By Lakhmi C. Jain, N.M. Martin

ISBN-10: 0849398045

ISBN-13: 9780849398049

Fusion of Neural Networks, Fuzzy structures and Genetic Algorithms integrates neural networks, fuzzy structures, and evolutionary computing in method layout that permits its readers to address complexity - offsetting the demerits of 1 paradigm through the benefits of one other. This ebook provides particular tasks the place fusion ideas were utilized. The chapters begin with the layout of a brand new fuzzy-neural controller. last chapters talk about the appliance of specialist platforms, neural networks, fuzzy regulate, and evolutionary computing options in sleek engineering platforms. Fusion of Neural Networks, Fuzzy structures and Genetic Algorithms covers the spectrum of purposes - comprehensively demonstrating some great benefits of fusion suggestions in commercial functions.

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The converter is controlled to produce a constant V/f characteristic up to 50 Hz, and constant power in the field weakening region. The load’s current distortion is set to a maximum of 6%, and the input current harmonic distortion is reduced. The load considered is a 20 kVA squirrel cage induction machine. The test circuit parameters are shown in Table V. 4 ©/phase R=6 © /phase 86 ¼F/phase Input capacitive filter (Wye connected, ungrounded) Computer simulations of the XDFC were performed using Matlab under Windows environment.

M. Martin CRC Press, CRC Press LLC ISBN: 0849398045 Pub Date: 11/01/98 Search Tips Search this book: Advanced Search Previous Table of Contents Next Title ----------- The remaining elements hij of matrix H can be determined in the same way. Transfer function H relates the input line currents of the converter with the output phase currents of the load. These currents are not available if the machine’s phases are delta connected. To solve this, a current transfer function is defined that relates input and output line currents by simple inspection of Figure 1.

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