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By William Sandys W. Vaux

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This Elibron Classics publication is a facsimile reprint of a 1876 variation through Scribner, Armstrong & Co., big apple.

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Salamis Cyrus the Younger Alexander Graneikus II Artaxerxes I Artaxerxes III Issus Visit Arbela. who succeeded was not to the throne of Darius son ; he was, however, the son born to him while actually king, and further, by his mother, Atossa, the lineal descendant of Cyrus. C. 486, a man his eldest of easy temper and luxurious habits, he was at up the two wars his father had disinclined to take first bequeathed to him ; and would have preferred limiting Such a plan himself to the re-subjugation of Egypt.

This was alone a sufficient pretext for war ; but four years elapsed before Cambyses was able to secure the naval aid of Tyre and Cyprus. The Egyptians fought bravely, the more so, perhaps, that their new ruler, Psammenitus, was largely aided by Greek and Carian mercenaries ; but, after a decisive battle fought near Pelusium, the overthrow, complete. perhaps we say the collapse, of Egypt, became Psammenitus some time after surrendering ought rather to was kindly treated by the conqueror, and, but for a subsequent conspiracy, would, like the king of the Sacae under Cyrus, have probably been perat discretion, mitted to remain a tributary king, perhaps even as viceroy of Egypt under Cambyses.

He failed, however, utterly in both of these schemes: in the case of Carthage, the Phoenicians, as yet unsub- dued by colonies Persia, refused to fight against their kindred and, in the case of Lybia, one army sent ; from Thebes against Ammon, while another, led by the force its way into Nubia. perished in the desert, king in person, failed to The only result was that Egyptians were encouraged to resist, and that Cambyses at once saw The old king of Egypt, up to his error and his danger. this time well treated, was now seized and executed ; the Persians lost heart, while the while the native officers were apprehended and slain, and a severity adopted wholly alien to the usual habits of the Persians.

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