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Since the 1st papers via E. N. Leith and J. Upatnieks with regards to holography seemed in 1961, there was a digital explosion of analysis job within the box. greater than SOO papers and articles on holo­ graphy have seemed within the final ten years. Many purposes of holo­ graphy were proposed, and a few of those are starting to input the world of usefulness. one of many purposes that looks to carry nice promise is acoustic imaging by way of holography. the 1st papers in this topic seemed in 1966. yet already study job within the box is burgeoning. Tbree symposia whoUy dedicated to acoustical holography were held and tbe papers released in booklet shape. the aim of this publication is to assemble the result of learn in acoustical holography, a few of it as but unpublished, below one disguise in order that staff in holography, nondestructive trying out, scientific imaging, underwater imaging, and seismic exploration can make a decision no matter if this new method should be worthwhile to them.

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19. The intensity of the image of a point object along the radius connecting the image to the origin is proportional to the function shown in the graph. A depth of focus can be defined by finding the distance over which image intensity remains above a certain percentage of that at the focal plane. The allowable decrease is usually taken as 20% (20). 94) which is the same as that derived by the Rayleigh criterion. 96) These resolution expressions are identical to those based upon the Rayleigh criterion and are somewhat easier to derive.

12 we see that (X 12 + Z1 2 ) may be designated as '1 2 • Then, by expanding Eq. 41) 2 '1 'b' as weIl, and substitute into Eqs. r a. A negative value for rb indicates a point in the left half plane (a virtual point). 48) From this equation we see that the image is modified by the illumination, reference, and reconstruction structures and the frequency characteristic of the primary sources VI and V2 • We note from Eqs. 46) that SI (Xb, Zb) is dependent upon S2 and sa through the coordinates Xa, Z2' Xa , Za and upon the frequency spread of WI and W2.

Born and E. , New York, p. 441 (1964). 21. B. P. Hildebrand and K. A. Haines, Holography by scanning, J. Opt. Soc. Am. 59(1):1 (1969). 1. INTRODUCTION The term acoustics covers a broad range of subjects, many of which need not be considered in this book. Among those subjects not covered are architectural acoustics, communication acoustics, noise and vibration analysis, music, techniques for measuring elastic constants of solid materials, techniques for studying nonisotropic stresses and inhomogeneities, and measurements of molecular structure of organic liquids.

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