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By Sue Harris

From Amazon: "An American in Paris (1951) was once a landmark movie within the careers of Vincente Minnelli, Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron. A joyous party of George Gershwin's track, French paintings, the wonderful thing about dance and the fabled urban of sunshine, the movie was once heralded as a unprecedented instance of leisure 'for mass and sophistication alike'. Choreographed by means of Kelly on the top of his occupation, it gave new stature to the Hollywood musical, and showcased as by no means prior to the inventive ambition, technical talents, artistic mind's eye and collaborative ethos of MGM's pioneering Arthur Freed Unit. Sue Harris attracts on archival fabric to track the film's improvement from notion to display. delivering new insights into the layout approach specifically, she indicates how An American in Paris demonstrated the cinematic template for a urban with which Hollywood may turn into more and more infatuated within the many years to follow."

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