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I gave her the VP job in public relations after Rye was killed in the Western Islands Action. I knew she needed the work. " Amaryllis was silent for a long time. "Very well, Mr. Trent. " She picked up her pen and started to write her name at the bottom of an official looking form. " "By the way, have you thought of a cover story to explain my presence at the reception? I'll need to be quite close to you at all times, you know. Perhaps I could masquerade as a member of the catering staff. " Lucas studied the tiny, round earrings she wore.

A hypno-talent would have to be extremely strong to force someone else to perform an act that violated the victim's own ethical code. I'd say it would require a class-nine or even a class-ten talent. " "But' they do exist," Lucas insisted. "Yes, but a hypno-talent with that kind of power would be able to do very well in a legitimate profession. He or she would be working at the university or at one of the hospi- 9 tals. " "Who knows? " Lucas spread his hands. " Lucas smiled slightly. "No offense, Miss Lark, but you sound a little naive.

Lucas hesitated. "I think he's a hypno-talent. " Amaryllis stilled. She blinked once or twice and then seemed to collect herself. "Let me get this straight. " "It's a possibility," Lucas muttered. "A highly unlikely one. Look, Mr. Trent, surely you know that there are very few strong hypno-talents. It's a rare psychic power. " "Well, it's true that a few do stage acts," she admitted. "But I have never heard of a hypno-talent using his or her abilities to force someone to commit a crime. " "I don't see why it would be impossible," Lucas said.

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