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By Anousha Sedighi

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Contract regulations in Persian is the 1st complete try to take on the problem of verbal contract in Persian from a cross-linguistic standpoint. Persian is a box of analysis inside theoretical linguistics that's but to be sufficiently explored. This booklet adopts Chomsky's Minimalist application that's on the leading edge of contemporary theories of formal syntax, and applies it to the Persian language. even though it is often believed that during Persian the verb has the same opinion with the topic, a number of buildings appear to constrain this compulsory rule. Adopting the framework of dispensed Morphology, the writer argues that contract is in truth received with the plural inanimate topics yet a morphological rule could block the outcome. not like the former analyses which examine the experiencer because the topic of the mental buildings, the writer argues that the mental country is the topic of the sentence. The findings of this e-book not just give a contribution to raised figuring out of Persian syntax, but additionally have vital implications for grammar conception.

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3Pl I know that Ann likes them b. Nom (Rivero 2004: 2-3) In (65a-c), the dative does not interfere with the fmite verb agreement in contrast to Icelandic. Accordingly, it is argued that the person restrictions of the Icelandic type do not exist in Spanish. However, Rivero (2004) brings to attention the fact that there are quirky constructions in Spanish with person restrictions not previously noticed. Verbs like antojar (se) 'to take a fancy', and ocurrir ( se) 'imagine' are restricted to dative subjects and nominative objects and the nominative must be in the 3rdperson.

In this section, I explain the differences between Blocking and impoverishment. As mentioned earlier, in DM affiXes compete with each other for insertion on the same terminal node. The most highly specified affiX wins the competition and gets inserted and therefore blocks the appearance of other affixes. e. the competing affiXes carry similar features (past tense, -ed/went). In impoverishment, one morpheme or vocabulary item deletes features in a different (independent) morpheme that may be distant from it (for instance gender is deleted by the I 11 person).

Jelo-ye dar se ta ma:rd neshaste bud*/bud-an front-onr. door three part man sitting be-3sg*lbe-3pl 1bree men were sitting in front of the door In (97), it is impossible for the DP se tii mt:erd (three men) to appear with the verb in the 3"\g and must have the plural morphology on the verb. Karimi (2005) argues that the subject does not have to move out of the vP, and the only position where the specific subject and the verb can establish an Agree relation for the purposes of the Nominative Case and Agreement checking is the Spec of vP.

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