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Pretty simple dance routine, right? Yet you can use this method to write ANY type of nonfiction---whether it's your life story, a school paper, an executive brief, or a full length scholarly book. (Actually, the scholars sorely need this method. ) I was reminded of this method while reading a book from the 1940's. I noticed that throughout the book the author would make a statement and then illustrate it with a story. The more I thought about it, I felt this was the easiest way to write anything.

D. " When he discovered that all the women coming to his lecture were single and actively shopping for men (this was in the 1950's), he changed his title and packed the house. The new title? " Write your ad in a way that helps readers envision themselves with your product or service. Paint a vivid picture of how wonderful their life will be once they have your product. Dramatize the benefits. The more you can help the reader feel, the closer they will come to buying from you. Why? Because an unspoken truth in marketing is that people only do things for the good feelings they get.

What would you do? Obviously, you would need to translate the message. How? In this case, you might just go online at a great website for translating languages, enter the above text, and quickly discover that those words in Italian actually mean--"I'm about to tell you my million dollar secret for writing sales copy. This is something I've NEVER told anyone else in the entire world. I'll tell you right now, if you promise to keep this a secret. " Ah! Now it all makes sense! Now you know what the words mean and you are free to enjoy them, act on them, or just dismiss them.

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