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By R. W. Fairbrother (Auth.)

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The proportion of THE CULTIVATION OF BACTERIA 37 gelatin employed is generally 10-15 per cent, by weight ; this is added to broth. In hot climates the amount should be increased to 20-25 per cent. High temperatures interfere with its power of solidifying and care is therefore required in sterilization ; steaming on successive days is the usual procedure. Gelatin, if too concentrated, tends to split when inoculated. Agar or Agar-Agar is dried seaweed collected around the shores of China and Japan.

C) The second stage is followed by a period at which the viable count remains steady ; this is consequently termed the stationary phase. During this period the number of bacteria dying balances the formation of fresh forms. The reason for the marked decrease in the multiplica- THE MULTIPLICATION OF BACTERIA 51 tion of the bacteria has not been determined with certainty, but it appears to depend to some extent on the production of noxious substances during the second phase and to the lack of oxygen in the case of some aerobic organisms.

Phenol red exhibits a definite range of colours from yellow to purplish-pink through a pH range of 6-8 to 8-4. Solutions of known hydrogen-ion concentration are prepared to form a range of pH 6-8-8-4 with intervals of pH 0-2, and to each a fixed amount of phenol-red is added ; these form the standard range. c), and by comparing the colour with the standard scale the p¥L of the medium is determined. The required reaction is then obtained by the addition of N/10 HC1 or N/10 NaOH to the medium to render it either acid or alkaline respectively.

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