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See Margalit 1975, 292-298. *It should be noted that Z. Zevit's critique of Margalit's method extends to the formulation of rules of scansion (Zevit 1983). Overall, however, Zevit is in basic agreement with Margalit's approach. 25 prescribe stichometry, but: to reduce the possible permutations. A. C. de Moor also considered the problems associated in determining stichometry. t They acknowledge the inherent: problems when hey say, "the re-establishment of the colometric division intended by the ancient poets is often a hazardous undertaking.

There are, of course, similar problems with Biblical Hebrew verse. Similarly, the view that word-pairs are the constitutive hallmark of Ugaritic verse is no longer as universally embraced as it was previously. Critics such as Craigie and Berlin have offered alternatives to the theory of a "Canaanite thesaurus," suggesting other explanations for the phenomenon. In view of these unresolved issues it is not surprising that some scholars are pursuing other lines of research. In the last decade the characteristics of parallelism have come under closer scrutiny resulting in an increased understanding of this basic component of Ugaritic prosody.

Berlin. Pardee set the agenda for his work when he stated, The present work should, at the least, be useful to students of Ugaritic and Hebrew poetry in that I utilize, explain, compare, and criticize several of the most important systems of analysis! of the3e poetries which have been proposed in the last decade and it can be used as a sort of companion to or further illustration of those methods. In addition to this 39 descriptive aspect:, I propose a systematic analysis of parallelism as a structural device which permeates all levels of a Ugaritic or Hebrew poem (Pardee 1988b, xiii).

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A study of rhetorical devices in Ugaritic verse by Dickens, Owen Pruett

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