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By David Foulkes

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Five components and appendices. '....a wonderful synthesis of Freudian dream method psychology and Chomsky's structural linguistics...'-from the jacket

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Download e-book for kindle: A grammar of dreams by David Foulkes

Five components and appendices. '. .. .a impressive synthesis of Freudian dream strategy psychology and Chomsky's structural linguistics. .. '-from the jacket

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It does not imply either that all motives are "rational" or that all motives are capable of being verbally formulated by their subject. It merely proposes that motive structures are psychologically coded in a form roughly coordinate with that of other associative structures of human thought. Leeper and Madison developed the logic of this position a number of years ago in a neglected but still cogent treatise on personality. While their model tends to call perceptual what might better be labeled conceptual, it clearly recognizes the representational nature of emotional and motivational processes: We may say that perceptual processes are like motion pictures.

Even where the more reasonable and nonarbitrary procedure of free association (cf. chapter 4) is employed for "translating" such symbols, however, there is a tendency for dream interpreters to treat these symbols 14 A GRAMMAR OF DREAMS only as isolated semantic elements in the personality structure of the dreamer rather than as syntactic and semantic elements in the grammatical structure of a dream language. These many failures to implement a linguistic model of dreams raise the question of whether such a project is, by its very nature, doomed .

In fact, the theory probably makes more sense without it than with it. Thus it now seems possible to cast the motivational richness of psychoanalysis, which other cognitive disciplines so badly need, into terms which are at once both psychoanalytically respectable and compatible with the other concepts of more recently developing cognitive disciplines. , whether "conscious" or "unconscious"), are representational or ideational in quality and linguistic and propositional in form. The infant's attachment to its mother, for instance, is imagined to be coded in the form : / (ego = subject) want (motive = verb) her (object, both in the psychoanalytic and grammatical senses).

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