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As optical personality attractiveness (OCR) starts off to discover purposes starting from shop checkout scanners to money-changing machines and postal process automation, it has develop into some of the most dynamic components in details technology at the present time. but few volumes discover this data-oriented approach with out depending seriously on mathematical historical past examining.

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When they finally went to bed Scott melded himself to Drew's back, his arm tight around Drew's waist. " Drew asked quietly. "No. Mom's pretty cool. " Scott's voice was muffled against Drew's back, his breath a warm tickle. "You're clinging," Drew observed. Scott started to pull away and Drew shook his head. "Doesn't mean stop. " Scott settled against him again, and kissed his neck gently before starting to nibble. Drew raised an eyebrow, glad it was dark and Scott couldn't see the surprise on his face.

What is with them? Mom's never been this worked up about Christmas dinner before. If I was there on Christmas Day, there was a turkey. If I could only make it on Christmas Eve, there was a turkey. " Drew grinned up at him from where he was sprawled on the couch. " Scott snorted. " He held up his hands. "Yeah, I know. Last year I didn't even get any, and this year there'll be tears if I don't get two. " Scott smiled. "With you? " Drew pulled Scott down into his lap just as his pager went off. He took a quick look at it and said, "Shit.

Drew's blindly seeking hand found a tube and he managed to get it open, all the while being driving insane by the hand moving over his cock and the soft skin behind his balls. Drew slicked his fingers and brought them down between his legs, sliding over Scott's fingers. He stifled a gasp as their fingers tangles together, Scott holding his hand tightly and guiding it back. The finger slowly pushing into him was his own. Behind him, Scott moaned. " Drew pushed back again, feeling Scott's cock throb against him.

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