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The Bourdieusard perspective is compatible with the fact that despite the formal legal status of Arabic as an official language, its presence in LL where Jews are the large majority is much weaker than that of Hebrew. On the other hand, the good-reasons perspective is also most appropriate for interpreting the importance of English in this part of the society, especially in middle-class neighbourhoods. This importance can be firstly attributed to benefit expectations as some of these areas are populated by tourists in season time.

Phra Athit Road, near the original Royal Palace, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and older government offices, follows the path of the old wall of the city and was developed around the turn of the century, when a number of members of the royal family built their palaces there (Askew, 1994: 165). Many of these old palaces have become the home of religious and nonprofit institutions under Royal patronage and buildings designated as historical landmarks. Signs associated with these institutions were analysed as belonging to the government.

Advertising banners hung from the wrought iron fences that surround these institutions advertise special educational programmes and other services. The language use patterns of the signs announcing the institutions mentioned above reflect official government policy of Thai as the language of the nation and English as the language of international communication. The advertising banners, however, sometimes contain English script, lexicon and syntax interjected in the middle of a Thai message. In these cases, the English is not aimed at foreign readers, but rather at a class of educated Thais who can read both the Thai and the English.

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