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ISBN-10: 9644380959

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0 Allah give favorable answer to my prayer, acknowledge the praise I sing in worship, let there be peace and harmony between me and my friends, for the sake of Mohammad, Ali, Fatimah, Hasan and Husayn; Verily, Thou art my Benefactor who provides with bounties, the aim of my desires, the ultimate destination of my hopes, in my future life, and during this short life. Thou art my God, my Master and my Lord; welcome my friends, keep our enemies away from us; to save us from the evil mischief divert their attention, let the "true Word" come out in the open, supreme and dominant, refute and condemn the "foul lie", rendered contemptible, Verily, Thou art able to do all things.

Let me disassociate myself from the mannerism of Thy enemies, let me pass my time, in this world, by praising and glorifying Thee. 0 Allah, verily, the hearts of those who surrender to Thee, are full of passionate love, the path of those, who long for Thee, is the straight (true) road, the instructions given by those, who lean on Thee, are distinct and precise, the minds of those, who are aware of Thy reality, are filled with awe and reverence, the call of those, who invite unto Thee, is loud and clear, and the doors of approval are kept open for them; whoso submits his supplication to Thee receives a favorable answer, whoso turns repentant unto Thee gets acceptance (amnesty), whoso bursts into tears in fear of Thy punishment obtains mercy, whoso seeks redress from Thee finds the required assistance at his disposal, whoso asks for Thy help procures the aid as a gift.

The means of livelihood available to the created beings come from Thee like a rainfall, and in addition many recurring favors and bounties reach them in regular successions, the sins of those, who ask for forgiveness, are overlooked, the wants and needs of all that which has been created by Thee are properly satisfied, those who put forward genuine demands get more than they ask for, one after the other, again and again; for the hungry wholesome food is arranged, for the thirsty clean water is available in abundance.

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